Black Friday 2012 – Electronics top deals

September 23, 2012 – The Black Friday Day

This is a profitable business, and the sellers know this, so they extended the Black Friday to a whole working week. This means that Black Friday week starts tomorrow, and the online shops are preparing their best products, just for us, the customers. Wallmart, Best Buy and Amazon are already packing the electronic devices that are going to be shipped until the end of this week. What can we expect from this year’s Black Friday?

Well, Best Buy has already released some of the Best Buy Black Friday offers (the image above), and the best I could find there is a $240 discount on a Toshiba LCD. Of course, you can buy cheap tablets, DVDs or laptops

If you thought that Walmart can keep a secret on Black Friday, think again! Recently, a photo leaked with great deals on laptops. They have an $179 offer for a Compaq Presario Laptop, 2Gb of RAM and a capacity of 320Gb.

If I think of previous years, Amazon had the most interesting Black Friday deals, so I’m expecting the same for 2012. Starting Monday, you can enjoy great discounts and special prices on Amazon Store.


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