Home Recording Studio Setup

You know me, I love to make music in my home studio. Recently, I was researching for new items to buy in order to upgrade my setup. Now, I can share mare results: new items to buy for a  Home Recording Studio Project. This time, I’m going for something that’s not cheap, but.. if you buy these items, you know you’ll get quality.

Before getting into that, let’s see the minimum requirement for a home recording studio:

  • a microphone
  • an audio interface with phantom power
  • a laptop/pc
  • a keyboard
  • a mixer
  • accessories (pop filter, mic stand, cables, headphones)
  • monitors
  • acoustic foam

Rode NT2 A comes in a package with a pop filter, cable and shock mount. Fast description: professional, multi-pattern studio condenser microphone. Remember to get a mic stand for it, and a mobile acoustic foam.

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Professional is more than a home studio audio interface. The award-winning Focusrite pre-amps will give you crystal clear recordings like no other interface. I don’t own this interface, but I have a smaller Saffire version of it, and man… it gets no better than this!

A voice is nothing without an instrumental, and if you plan to go pro someday, think about the future and invest in a keyboard. Korg microARRANGER is a compact composing/performing 61-Key keyboard that acts as your musical Arranger.

M-Audio Home Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are also important, because they are made with higher attention to delivering small nuances and details as good as possible, so you can hear the most clear sound of your songs. For a home studio project, you can opt for M-Audio Monitors. These studio monitors are the best sellers on Amazon, and they provide the most accurate sound you can get at this price. It features wooden cabinets and bass reflex design and it’s the perfect choice if you plan to make hip-hop and electronic music.

You will also need to use some sort of acoustic foam treatment in the room where you record and mix.

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4 thoughts on “Home Recording Studio Setup

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  3. I like your choices for this setup. Typically people focus on a DAW and midi controller but I like how you incorporated the korg arranger instead

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