iPhone of the future (funny)

Considering the Apple’s latest release, the fresh iPhone 5, many jokes have emerged on the Internet about the iPhone of the future and how it will look like. I remember the same jokes about the iPad, and even so, it was a huge success. Let’s wait and see the iPhone 5 sales and see if I was right.

The Lightning Connector is the perfect tool to transform 2 future iPhones into a pair of cool Nunchucks. Bruce Lee can play Angry Birds while he’s defeating his enemies on this one.

iPhone 101 is the tallest iPhone in the world. It’s so tall that you can see it from a plane. I wonder how tall is iPhone 102. But, you can still hold it with one hand perfectly, even if you can’t move it anymore.

The difference? I can see the cat’s ears. That’s what I was waiting for…

Future Smartphones: iPhone 6, iPhone7, iPhone 8

The iPhones of the future will no longer feature multiple screens, because all the apps you can install fits perfectly in the main screen (because it’s so large).  Too bad the phone does not fit in the pocket anymore.

If you want to get serious, you can read about the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

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