Build my own home recording studio


Home Recording Studio Setup

Yesterday I started a journey. It’s not an easy journey considering I have no idea what’s with home recording studios, what do I need, what are the best places to get my home recording equipment. So, here is what I gathered so far.

In order to get my home studio up an running I need these stuff:

  • A condenser microphone
  • An audio interface that supports Phantom Power (48v)
  • Mic stand, pop filters, acoustic foam, cables, headphones
  • Recording Studio Monitors
  • Recording and mixing software

There are so many products out there, that it really boils down to your budget. Here are few resources I was able to find:

Home Recording Studios

Home Rec Studio Blog

Home Rec Studio presents various setups and hints on home studios.


Which Audio Interface Blog

Which audio interface  is a blog that focuses on audio interfaces for a home studio. You’ll get reviews and links to shops. You can also check my new post on this subject.


5 thoughts on “Build my own home recording studio

  1. These tips are really useful and rare to find. Many people want to know that how they can install a recording studio in their home itself. Your tips will be helpful for those in setting up their studio.

  2. Hi im thinking of setting up a recording studio.
    Can you help me on what equipments needed for the studio.
    and how much will it cost.

    Thank you so much 🙂

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