A smartphone suited for me

Over the years I’ve changed many phones. Lately I’ve tried two smarthones: Nokia N8 and iPhone 4. This post is not about iPhone 4 vs Nokia N8, but rather the best smartphone that is suited for me.

iPhone pros:

iPhone 4 looks great, and I thinks it has a better and a glossy appearance. N8 lost this fight.

I’m a hardcore internet user, and I must say that iPhone works great with various internet browsers and apps.

Better screen resolution (retina display)

iPhone 4’s keyboard works way better than the N8’s keyboard. For some reason Nokia made smaller buttons on the device which are pretty hard to work with.

More and better apps. iPhone is the king of apps. If you’re lucky you can fins a free app for everything.


Nokia N8 pros

The most important thing that I love on my N8 is the camera. With 12 megapixels, you will capture great images. You have the manual options, a feature that is missing on iPhone 4. Nokia N8 captures better videos (with stereo sound). Image stabilization on videos. If iPhone is the king of apps, N8 is the king of smartphones cameras.

Before I got the phones I thought iPhone has better battery life. I had to use both phones for a day to understand that N8’s battery life is way better than iPhone’s. It was a huge disappointment to see that iPhone lasted for 6 hours with heavy internet usage.

N8 features free maps with guidance.

N8 has better and resistant case.

N8 has integrated radio and radio transmitter, hdmi output, memory access, folder access (you can save files and songs directly from phone).


I’m writing this post directly from my iPhone 4. I made my choice. For everyday life, iPhone 4 is the best option for me. But for travels, holidays, driving N8 is way suited, mainly because of battery life and 12 mpx camera.

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